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3-in-1 Pet Bottle

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Color: Pink

Introducing the ultimate convenience for pet owners - the 3-in-1 Pet Water Bottle, Feeder, and Poop Bag Dispenser! This innovative and multifunctional product is designed to make your outings with your furry friend hassle-free and enjoyable. With its clever design and practical features, it's the perfect companion for every pet owner on the go.

The first feature of this remarkable 3-in-1 pet accessory is the water bottle. Crafted from durable and BPA-free materials, it ensures the safety and well-being of your pet. The built-in water dispenser allows you to provide a fresh and clean water supply for your pet wherever you are. Simply press the button, and a controlled amount of water will be released into the attached bowl, keeping your furry friend hydrated during walks, hikes, or trips to the park.

But that's not all! Our 3-in-1 Pet Water Bottle also doubles as a convenient feeder. The twist-off base reveals a hidden compartment that can be filled with your pet's favorite dry food or treats. Whenever your furry friend needs a snack or a meal, just unscrew the base, flip it over, and voila! The food tray is ready for your pet to enjoy a tasty treat or a satisfying meal, making it perfect for picnics, road trips, or outdoor adventures.

We know that being a responsible pet owner means cleaning up after your furry friend, which is why we've included a built-in poop bag dispenser in our 3-in-1 Pet Water Bottle. No more fumbling around or forgetting to bring poop bags during your walks or outings. Simply pull a bag from the dispenser conveniently located at the bottom of the bottle, clean up after your pet, and dispose of the waste responsibly.

Designed with portability in mind, this all-in-one pet accessory is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry. Its sleek and modern design makes it visually appealing, while the secure and leak-proof construction ensures that you won't have any messy surprises in your bag or car. Plus, the wide-mouth bottle makes refilling and cleaning a breeze, allowing you to maintain hygiene and keep your pet's accessories in top-notch condition.

Whether you're going on a short stroll, embarking on a long journey, or simply spending quality time outdoors with your furry friend, the 3-in-1 Pet Water Bottle, Feeder, and Poop Bag Dispenser is the must-have accessory that simplifies your pet care routine. It's the ultimate solution for keeping your pet hydrated, nourished, and maintaining cleanliness on the go. Invest in this versatile and practical pet accessory today, and enjoy every adventure with your beloved companion.


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Size: 28 * 8cm

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Water cup*1