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Reptile Automatic Water Dispenser

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in stock, ready to be shipped
in stock, ready to be shipped
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Keep your reptile refreshed without lifting a finger with the Reptile Water Dispenser! This trusty gadget automatically dispenses water, ensuring your reptile always has a cool sip when they're feeling parched. (Pun intended!) No pumping necessary—this contraption is the perfect way to keep your reptile friend hydrated and happy! 

Material: plastic


Product name: Water Landscaping
Color: Random
Size: about 150*205mm/5.91*8.07in
Material: plastic
Water bottle capacity: about 400ML
Function: water dispenser

1. A high-end and practical automatic water dispenser, imitation rock design.
2. Siphon hydration: feeding water, simple and convenient, you can solve the thirst problem when you are not at home.
3. Fixed anti-slip: The bottom of the drinker is integrally cast and concave, and the anti-slip is more effective.
4. Multi-step structure on the edge, assisting pets to drink water.
5. Suitable for turtles, lizards, quarantine animals such as the palace, and other small animals.

1*drinking fountain




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