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Pet Ear Cleaning Wipes

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1. Keep Ears Happy: Clean & Protect! Our unique formula for dog ear cleaner and wipes contains green tea extract, keeping your pet's ear canals clean and healthy. With regular use, your furry friend's ears and will stay refreshed and free of odors and ouchies.

2. Say Goodbye to Earwax and Dirt: Keep your pet's ears happy and healthy with our dog ear wipes. By removing earwax and dirt, you'll avoid pesky ear problems and make cleaning a breeze for both you and your furry friend!

3. For Maximum Cleanliness and Safety: Keep your canine companion's ears in tip-top shape with our Fido Ear Sanitizing Wipes. Designed just like finger gloves, these wipes can be easily disposed of after use, avoiding any potential germ swapping between pets.

Scratch Relief: Our pet ear wipes provide top-notch relief by eliminating grime, wax, and debris from your furry friend's ears, while moisturizing and conditioning the skin. Use them to soothe your pet's itches and pains, increasing closeness in areas like the neck, back, and abdomen. They can also help to soothe and alleviate any discomfort your pet may experience.

5.All-in-One and Calming: These wipes work for every sized and varied type of furry friends, and can efficiently rid their ears of gunk, grime, and buildup. Keep your four-legged pal's ears in tip-top shape with these supple and damp wipes.