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Calming Pet Bed

Calming Pet Bed

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Whenever I'm not allowed on my parents bed, I sleep on one of these! - Nala

Calming Pet Bed for Cat or Dog

     Looking for a Calming Pet Bed to pamper your dog or cat? Get this Anti-Anxiety, Anti-Stress Pet Bed Today! Made with long luxury plush and super soft high Quality PP Cotton, this bed will surely help your pet get a deep and restful sleep, which results in overall improved behavior and better pet health.


     Our Soothing Pet Bed is a perfect dog bed or cat bed. It has a raised rim which creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support; while the super-soft filling provides the perfect comfort to calm and relax. Give your pets the beds they deserve!


     Additionally, This pet bed bed is lightweight and portable for travel



  • Can be Machine Washed or Hand Washed.
  • Drying keeps this pet bed plush and fluffy.
  • Durable Design with Anti-Slip Bottom.
  • Normal Shape: Shipping may have flattened the product. When you open the package, please shake it and leave it out for 1-2 days before using.
  • Color : Select from the available colors. There may be a slight variation in color as chromatic aberration may exist due to the different angles and/or placement of photos.
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