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Winged Harness With Leash

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Color: NO.1


Material: Velvet, stainless steel

Feature: Bells

Perfect for turtles and other small reptiles.

Size: Suitable for busts within 8-18cm(3.15-7.09in), wing: L*W: 145*47mm(5.71*1.85in)

Packing list

1 x Pet harness leash set 

Introducing the Turtle Harness with Wings, a revolutionary accessory that combines functionality and fun for your beloved pet turtle! Designed with utmost care and creativity, this unique product allows your turtle to explore its surroundings while ensuring its safety.

The Turtle Harness with Wings features a secure and adjustable harness that comfortably fits around your turtle's shell, providing a snug and reliable fit. Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, it guarantees long-lasting use and peace of mind during your turtle's adventures.

But that's not all – the real highlight of this remarkable harness is the addition of wings! Delicately crafted to resemble those of a majestic bird, these wings offer an enchanting visual appeal while also serving a practical purpose. The wings provide gentle support and stabilization, helping your turtle navigate different terrains with ease.

Whether your turtle is exploring your home, the backyard, or even an outdoor environment, the Turtle Harness with Wings ensures a safe and supervised experience. The wings are securely attached, preventing accidental detachment while allowing your turtle to experience a sense of freedom.

The harness is easily adjustable to accommodate turtles of various sizes, making it suitable for different breeds and ages. It's also lightweight and designed for comfort, ensuring your turtle feels at ease during its outings.

Unleash your turtle's imagination and let it soar with the Turtle Harness with Wings. Watch as your little companion glides through its surroundings, capturing the attention and admiration of everyone who sees it. Create unforgettable memories and foster a stronger bond with your turtle, all while keeping it safe and protected.

Get ready to embark on extraordinary adventures with your turtle. Order the Turtle Harness with Wings today and witness the joy of flight intertwined with the enchantment of nature, right at your fingertips!





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