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Toys For Cage

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Color: Star
Ships From: China





Set Type: no

Material: Silk


Conure toys for cage are made of natural wood and metal, which will not hurt the bird's beak. They are colorful and attractive, especially in the festival. They are widely used for small and medium birds, such as conures, parrots, cockatiels, etc. They can let them gnaw and play busily, reducing boredom and loneliness. They can be conveniently hung in the cage or other places with metal hooks.

Product name: parrot toy
Color: bell style, pentagram style
Material: rattan paper silk

Product List:
1*Bird Chew Toy

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1.Eco-friendly Material: Our mandarin bird toys are made of handmade rattan paper silk, which is bite-resistant and tasteless. They will not damage the bird's beak and are safe for them

2.Christmas Theme: This mandarin bird toy is full of Christmas elements, such as red and green colors, and bells, It is a perfect gift for your pets at the festival, making them feel joy and surprise. T

3.Wide Range of Uses: This toy is not only for parrots, but for any bird that loves to play and explore. It can accommodate different sizes of parrots, from gray parrots to macaws to budgerigars. It will keep them entertained and happy for a long time.

4.Engaging and healthy bird toys: Our mandarin bird toys allow them to gnaw and play as much as they want, fulfilling their natural needs. They can also exercise their bodies and intelligence by discovering the egg cone, where there are small gifts waiting for them.

5.Easy Installation: This mandarin bird toy has a metal hook that lets you hang it in the cage or anywhere else. Because of this, your pet can have fun with this toy anytime, anywhere.


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