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Are you looking a practical Horse Hairbrush? Our brush can meet all your requirements with durable and reliable material for lasting use. It is suitable for larger animals, such as horses and other livestock, to remove clumps of soil, fallen or scattered horse hair, increase blood circulation, and improve overall health.


-Fine grinding, iron comb tooth, smooth surface, comfortable feel, help to your horse.
-Moderate radian, fit the skin of domestic animals, do not hurt domestic animals.
-This horse brush can be for shaving and combing of large domestic animals such as horses, cattle and donkeys.
-Premium and stable iron material, with the strong and durable features, not easy to deformation.
- Keep your horse's coat healthy and clean by brushing and brushing regularly. The brush is easy to grasp and sits comfortably in the groomer's hand.

1 x Horse Hair Brush


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