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Bee Drinking Waterer Feeder

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en stock, listo para ser enviado
en stock, listo para ser enviado
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Color: 1 Set




Material: plastic

Colour: as picture shown






Bee Drinking Water Waterer Feeder Beekeeping  Honey Bee Feeders Watering Bees Tools Supplies Feeding Plastic Bee Drinker Tool




Origin : CN(Origin) Product information
Name: Bee Feeder
Material: PP
Uses: nest door feeding
Packing List:
1Pc Bee Feeder
1, the application of this device to avoid the death of the water bee.
2. Reduce the physical exertion of bees and prolong the lifespan of bees.
3, to ensure the larvae's demand for water, especially at night can also drink water.
4, the use of this device does not need to open the box, does not interfere with the bee colony, does not lose heat.
5, is conducive to the summer of the bee colony, to ensure that the bee colony can also normally breed in hot weather.
Advantages: Bee water feeder, is a good bee bee, yellow base color is eye-catching, like the color of flowers, there are anti-smashing water points, better protection of small bees, white translucent feeding cup, can be See the capacity outside, better to add water or sugar water, the overall placement of the ground / nest door / bee top is stable without tilting, easy to operate, easy to use, saves time and effort, is a good tool for bee feeding!
The data is manually measured. If there is any error, please refer to the actual product.
Due to different lighting, display, production batch, there will be color difference, if you mind, please do not shoot



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